In 2010, Peyton Manning ranked fifth as one of the nation's most powerful athletes. Now the star quarterback is number one as he was voted it this year, surpassing iconic sports figures like LeBron James and Tiger Woods.

"If there is one man to take over Tiger Woods's role as the leading man in sports, it's Peyton Manning, the most popular quarterback in America's favorite sport," according to the analysis. "Apart from his amazing on-field performance, Manning is marketable, recognizable, and down-to-earth. It paid off with an estimated $15 million in endorsements last year."

In other news, Reggie Wayne, who made the Pro Bowl this year, is inviting all the receivers on the team's roster to come. It's very generous of him.

"Shout out to my big brother Reggie Wayne," Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon announced Thursday via Twitter, "for taking all of the WRs to Hawaii with him."

In other news, Jim Irsay thinks salary cap is needed in the CBA agreement.

In the L.A. Times, Bill Polian said that Ben Roethlisberger is now on the same level of Manning and Tom Brady:

Strictly as a player, however, Roethlisberger hasn't gotten the respect he deserves. There are many theories for that. He's a lumbering (but effective) runner. He frequently holds on to the ball too long. He plays for a franchise traditionally known for its defense and power-running game.

"Bottom line, if you ask football people, they're going to put Ben Roethlisberger up there with [Manning and Brady] almost unanimously," said Bill Polian, Colts president. "No one would leave him out. And others who have made the Pro Bowl, for example, wouldn't even get consideration if you took a poll of all 32 general managers."